Key Control !!

Don’t let your first line of defense be your weakest link!
HSS Inc. has several services that you may wish to take full advantage of. Some are critical to starting a new lock system on the right foot. Please take full advantage of our expertise in the trade and never worry about needing to much attention, we’ve been very successful over the years by providing our customers well beyond their expectations!




Our free on-site hardware survey will help keep your operation moving in the right direction. We will provide an on site assessment of your access needs and make a complete report of our findings to you and your building committee. This is an efficient way to establish a proper budget for facility conversion. The survey document will eventually become a simple easy to use tool to track the system year after year.


HSS Inc. will develop a complete line item quotation based on the hardware survey, it will provide lock nomenclature, unit cost, line item totals and a complete cost. This is a quote you can take to the budget committee, it is not an estimate. Quotes can include materials or materials and labor to install.



Master Key Planning

Our free master key service will take the puzzling task of planning a comprehensive master key system to a new level. We sit down with you and your building committee and lay out the system from start to finish, custom designed for you access needs. The system is mapped out in a simple to follow flow chart, in most cases, greatly reducing the number of keys your staff will need to carry. Finally, the system bitting schedules are created for permanent documentation and servicing of the system.


As part of a complete solution, HSS Inc. provides complete training of our service equipment for your staff. We train on proper key cutting, master key combinatng of the SFIC core, tips and tricks to be most efficient in re-combinating the SFIC core and methods for better record keeping and accuracy of record keeping. This is a life time free service for customers who stay engaged in regular us of our system and products.




We will provide a free in-service visit to help your install staff get started. This will cover things such as un-packing the delivery, recording the install progress from the hardware survey, the correct installation of MBS locksets with heavy duty thru-bolt hardware, as well as each other type of lock provided in the delivery. HSS Inc. also can provide the installation of all or part of the hardware delivered. The installation must be quoted and is never included in the quotation unless specifically requested and identified as such in the quotation.